The models of the JCP.2 series are the big brothers of JCP.1 series and combine technical intelligence with neat design and elegance. Notwithstanding their large surface, the umbrellas can easily be opened by the crank handle that is on hip height. The canopies have a gradient of 10° which is exceptionally taut and flat. This small gradient is unseen and technically very innovative.
All details are elegant, octagonally shaped: pole, ribs, hub, runner and base. The transition from pole to base is very subtle. The minimalistic stainless steel base is provided with all-terrain wheels that can rotate 360°.

There are 3 models:
JCP.201     400 x 400 cm
JCP.202     500 x 500 cm
JCP.203     450 cm round

Waterproof protection cover (Sunbrella Surlast Black) included.